Karina Raimondi English School

Good Books

Hi! My name is Maria, and I love reading. I think that it is an interesting activity for adults,teens and kids. I am a teen, so I recommend books for people who are my age. I especially like adventure and fantasy books, so I recommend you the collection of "Eragon", "Las Hijas de las Tormentas" and, (this isn´t a collection) "Los Pilares de la Tierra". But my favourite collection is a trilogy called "La Guerra de las Brujas". The main character is a teen, Anaid, who doesn´t know she has powers. The three books tell Anaid´s adventures in different parts of the world. That is all for now!  I hope you enjoy them!



Fashion tips

*    This season the fashion is very strange but it’s beautiful and casual.

*    In some shops you can still find summer dresses and cotton sweaters which mix different collections. There are very weird things, but you should buy them because you will look trendy in them.

*    I recommend you to wear stripped sweaters and shirts and colourful trousers.

*    Remember that accesories like necklaces and earrings are very important to complete your wardrobe. 

*    You must visit many shops because it is important to look at a variety of clothes and accesories before buying.

*    Finally, don’t forget that you can buy better when the shops are not so crowded and that assistants are more polite if the place is small.    



 Our town

Sabiñánigo is a medium sized town. It has about 9000 inhabitants.

To tell you the truth, it’s not very interesting in itself, but there are lots of wonderful things to do near here! If you like shopping, you may prefer to go to Huesca or Zaragoza, because in “Sabi” there aren’t many shops. But if you love adventures, in Castejón de SOS, you can do paragliding flights and there are also a lot of places where you can go canoeing or where you can practice extreme sports. I love Sabiñánigo because it has breathtaking views of the Pyrenees and because I live near all the people I love. In my opinion, living in a small town like this one is just perfect.




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